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About GOLi

Cooking test comparing GOLI burners to regular burners

Mission and Vision Statement

GOLi Electric produces high-quality cooking appliances and replacement burners for home kitchens that prevent cooking fires and save energy.  

GOLi CTL Burners are the new benchmark for excellent cooking performance in coil-element, gas, and glass top ranges that comply with the latest safety standards including cooking fire prevention. 

Innovative design, patented technologies, and in-house manufacturing have enabled GOLi to provide competitively priced products not previously available in North America.

From design to production to service to customer satisfaction, our goal is to make people’s lives safer and more satisfying where they live.

GOLi originated in Japan as a development company with manufacturing and distribution growth that eventually migrated into Asia.  GOLi has been in business for over 10 years offering products and solutions for kitchen safety in commercial and consumer markets throughout Europe and Asia.

GOLi Electric Inc. launched in North America in early 2020.  Our team has over 20 years of non-aggregated, direct experience in the cooking fire prevention space.  In-house manufacturing has enabled GOLi to keep quality high and costs low, as well as insulate GOLi from fluctuations in global supply chains.

GOLi Electric is dedicated to improving people’s lives by helping them live safer and longer in their own homes.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction is an extension of our belief in providing superior products at fair prices that benefit others while helping steward the environment.

Stephanie Cooper – President & Founder

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