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Protect Your Residents

Diverse resident groups, from working families with children, adult singles and couples, to seniors living on their own, provide different fire-risk challenges.

Public, affordable, and non-profit housing; college, university, and military residences; hotels and motels with kitchens.  All commonly deploy coil-element ranges and cooktops.  These old-style coil burners can reach excessive heat levels and are the number-one cause of cooking fires. 

All families, young and elderly, are subject to everyday distractions while cooking. Checking on laundry, helping children with studies, texting or talking on the phone, and visiting with drop-by neighbors.

Senior residents may be coping with reduced mobility or medications that affect daily sleep patterns.  Importantly, during a fire or building evacuation, seniors are statistically the most likely to be injured, or left behind. NFPA

Hotel and motel ­ guests are unaccustomed to temporary lodgings, cooking equipment, and may be unaware of safety procedures and routes.  

Bottom line: GOLi CTL Cooking Temperature Control coil burners protect residents, children, seniors, and guests, helping them live safer and longer in their own homes; and stay safer where they travel. 

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Protect Your Properties

With contiguous walls, floors, and ceilings, medium to hi-rise buildings present challenges beyond single-family homes. 

In multi-floor buildings, even a small one-apartment kitchen fire can trigger fire-sprinkler water to flow down walls, ceilings, and hallways, damaging the units below.  And, fire officials are frequently required to arrive on site before the water can be turned off at the source.  

Water-damage alone can displace residents for weeks or months during renovations.  Off-site temporary housing, insurance deductibles, loss of rent, and possible damage to brand adds to renovation costs.

In hospitality, news reporting can travel far beyond the ­fire itself, causing damage to a host’s reputation. Lost income, insurance deductibles, legal and relocation costs add up fast.

Bottom line: GOLi CTL products protect properties and assets, preventing the costs of unattended cooking fire damage.

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Protect Your Wallet
Reduce Energy and Insurance Costs

GOLi CTL coil burners are proven to reduce the cost of electrical energy per stove by up to 30% per year.  With average state electrical costs varying from about $.12 per kWh to over $.27 *(excluding AK and HI) GOLi CTL saves more energy than most Energy Star products.  This can result in a short-term Return on Investment of only a few years with savings every year going forward contributing to the operational bottom line.

Many insurance companies offer a version of a Fire-Safety Premium Incentive.  Typically, all units in a building must have fire-preventive burners installed to qualify for this discount.  Call your insurance provider or feel free to have them call us.

Bottom line: GOLi CTL products save energy and offer a short-term ROI with ongoing savings every year.

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