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Low-income families in public, affordable, and non-profit housing including seniors and those with mobility or capacity issues are at a higher risk for cooking fires and related injuries.


Old-style coil burners tend to be commonplace and contribute to the risk of unintended cooking fires from the excessive temperatures they can reach.


Replacing standard coil burners, or ill-performing temperature-limit burners, with GOLi CTL is a simple and economically sound solution to increase fire safety, save energy, and preserve insurability. 

Small kitchens in short and longer-stay hotels and motels are also frequently equipped with standard coil-element burners due to convenience, maintenance, and cost considerations.

Guests may be working temporarily in new cities or towns, on new schedules, and subject to distractions dissimilar from their own homes.

Eliminate the possibility of accidental cooking fires with GOLi CTL burners.  Keep your guests and property safe.

Students living on their own for the first time can find that attention to cooking is suddenly more challenging amid new schedules and fresh distractions.


Of the fires that occurred in university campus housing since 2016, 13 of 18 fires were directly attributed to cooking. *

    * University of Washington Environmental Health & Safety.


Taking proactive steps and replacing standard coil burners with GOLi's CTL burners ensures students are safe from the threat of unattended cooking fires.

Many military base housing facilities are also frequently equipped with older-style coil-element burners.

Replacing existing burners with GOLi CTL can immediately improve the safety of those who serve, and their families.

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