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Safety First: The Ongoing Evolution of Cooking Fire Prevention Technology

“For decades fire professionals and safety organizations have told us to use smoke alarms, keep pan lids at hand, and have a fire extinguisher nearby. And to never leave the kitchen while cooking, especially when cooking with oils or when frying.

But none of these precautions can prevent an unattended cooking fire – a fire that has started when someone either left the kitchen while cooking or is not paying attention when cooking with oils.

Products like smoke detectors, overhead hood suppressant canisters, or 2-step alarm shut-off switches, are NOT intended to prevent a fire from starting – they are designed to mitigate one that has already started.

But what if using the right surface burners prevented any cooking fire from starting in the first place?

Read the following article as seen recently in NAA’s UNITS Magazine,

to learn how technology and a little-known change to a UL standard are saving lives and changing the concept of home kitchen-fire safety.”

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