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CTL 4-Burner Glass Cooktop

CTL 4-burner Glass Cooktop Prevents Unattended Cooking Fires Without Compromising Cooking Performance

CTL 4-Burner Glass Cooktop

Patented CTL technology prevents unattended cooking fires, the leading   cause of residential fires and fire-related injuries in North America

  • Energy efficiency with GOLi CTL technology, 22% energy savings vs. electric cooktops without CTL*

  • Auto-OFF for safety and energy savings

  • Popular 21”x16”, 30"x20"

  • Angled surface layout can be installed vertically or horizontally

  • Touch controls, stylish appearance

  • Robust glass-ceramic smooth top, easy to clean and maintain

  • Radiant burners, 6.5” and 8”, cooks quickly and evenly

  • Market-leading cooking performance with rapid cooking times on all cookware

  • World’s first glass cooktop to pass UL 858 60A, Cooking Oil Ignition   

  • Test ETL listed, conforms to UL 858 and CSA C22.2 #61:2016 Ed.9

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