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CTL 6in Electric Stove Burner

CTL 6" Electric Stove Burner

CTL 6in Electric Stove Burner

Based on the patented GOLi CTL Technology, GOLI CTL burner utilizes a long-life thermostat to maintain the maximum cooking temperature between 482°F/250°C, the typical cooking oil boiling point, and 572°F/300°C, the ideal cooking   temperature for frying. Hence, GOLI CTL burner delivers outstanding cooking performance, just like old coil burners, and PREVENTS cooking fires.

  • Patented latest generation GOLi CTL technology PREVENTS unattended cooking fires

  • A universal fit stove burner replacement on electric stoves and cooktops made by most brands

  • Energy efficiency with GOLi CTL technology and metal heat-reflector, saves 25% energy vs. coil burners without CTL*   

  • Market-leading cooking performance with rapid cooking times on all cookware

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • ETL listed for use on new electric stoves or retrofitting older electric stoves *with independent lab test result

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