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CTL Electric Stove Burner 3x1 Set


Lasts 10 times longer than any other burner

Excellent Cooking Performance

Energy Efficient - SAVE 25% Per Year Per Stove

Prevents Cooking Fires - UL858 60A CERTIFIED

Cost similar to OEM burners

6" and 8" Coils Burners available

CTL Electric Stove Burner 3x1 Set

Based on the patented GOLi CTL Technology, the GOLI CTL burner utilizes a long-life thermostat to maintain the maximum cooking temperature between 482°F/250°C, the typical cooking oil boiling point,  and 572°F/300°C, the ideal cooking temperature for frying. Hence, the GOLI CTL burner delivers outstanding cooking performance, just like old coil burners, and PREVENTS cooking fires.

  • Patented latest generation GOLi CTL technology PREVENTS unattended cooking fires

  • A UNIVERSAL fit stove burner replacement on electric stoves and cooktops made by most brands

  • Energy efficiency with GOLi CTL technology and metal heat-reflector saves 25% energy vs. coil burners without CTL*

  • Market-leading cooking performance with rapid cooking times on all cookware

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • CTL is listed for use on new electric stoves or retrofitting older electric stoves

*with independent lab test result

The following video is a demonstration of UL858 60A, Cooking Oil Ignition Test. The video shows a GOLI CTL Stove Burner preventing an unattended cooking fire.


  • Rear right burner is a coil burner without CTL

  • Front left burner is GOLI CTL Stove Burner

  • Real-time x 1 ~ 8

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